Kristoffer Jugueta


Hi I'm Kris! I'm a fun dude to be around. Love sharing laughs, eating,and just thinking about stuff. Hahaha, jk. I really don't want to sound boring, but I really am an easy dude to be friends with! I guess one thing cool about me - I can do the wave with my tummy! 


Celeste Guarin


Hi! My name is Cel and I am the secretary of AIAS. I am currently a 2nd year in the BEnvD program. I am also the NCARB student appointed licensing advisor. If you want to learn more about becoming licensed, please feel free to stop me in the halls.

B. Keolamaika'i Annino

-Vice President-

Aloha Mai Kakou, my name is Keola Annino, and I'm in my 3rd year of undergrad. I am also the current vice president of AIAS. I enjoy being outdoors and my concentration is landscape design.


Siraj Sheriff


Aloha everyone, my name is Siraj Sheriff. I am currently a 1st year in the Doctorate program. I love traveling, seeing new places, and meeting awesome people just like you! An interesting fact about myself is that I speak 5 languages. SOA is a great place to make friends and meet professionals. So if you see me around, don't hesitate to say hi!



Katherine Pananganan

-Director of Events-

Hi! My name is Katherine Pananganan, and I am currently a 3rd year in the undergrad program. I have yet to decide my concentration, but I am debating between architecture and landscape architecture. When I'm not working in studio, I like to play the piano and sing!

Calvin Bulan

-director of events

Aloha! My name is Calvin Bulan and I am a 1st year Doctorate student. I am very passionate in what I say and do. I love to travel and go out but I am also down to be fat and chill! Don't be afraid to say Hi!

Christina Holcom

-director of events-

Hi, my name is Christina and I'm a third year undergrad. I plan to get a graduate degree in Architecture, and possibly landscape. My favorite movie genre is Horror, so please tell me the scariest movie you know. 


Mitchell Moses

-Director of fundraising

Aloha, my name is Mitchell Moses. I am a 4th year architecture student and my concentration is landscape design. I also work on campus and enjoy the outdoors. I am currently the Director of Fundraising for AIAS. Have fun and be safe!


Melise Nekoba

-Director of public relations-

Sassy, classy, a bit smart-assy. driven by hard-work and helping the surrounding community. graphic design fanatic and coffee enthusiast. My particular research interests involve sustainable practices and efficient systems.


Katalina Kim

-public relations-

Hi, feel free to call me Kat! I'm a 1st year graduate student with an interest in architecture because I believe in impacting the architectural world in an environmentally positive direction. i like sharing and designing my ideas which is why I took interest in architecture. My hobbies include going through instagram, shopping, make up, and drawing ink-stipple works.


Rubinson Intong Jr.

-director of public relations-

Call me Rubin, I'm a 2nd year graduate student. My role in AIAS is PR Chair and the 6th year's studio rep. My interests are Residential architecture, digital software, 3D modeling and realistic rendering, photography, graphic design, art teaching and mentoring.


Jason Hashimoto

-public relations-

Jason here and I'm currently a 1st year graduate here at UHM. Coming from the Big Island my absolute favorite place to be is at the waterfalls. I love to eat new foods that I've never experienced before and widen my taste pallet. This site is also managed by me so visit often!


Gladys Razos

-public relations-

Hi, my name is Gladys and I'm a 4th year architecture student. I'm from Kaua'i and I like going to the beach, hiking, drawing and watching anime during my free time. I'm adventurous and like experiencing new things such as zip lining and sky diving when I'm not in studio (although you can find me mostly in studio :)

Kristyn Yamamotoya

-public relations-

Hi! I'm Kristyn! I'm a 4th year architecture student. I'm originally from Kaua'i. I don't do much besides architecture, sleep, read, drink coffee and watch anime. okay... bye!

Ivy Tejada

-public relations-

Hi! My name is Ivy and I'm a 4th year in the BEnvD program on my free time. I like to watch movies and explore places to eat. I work at the gallery so most likely you will find me there; if not I'm always in studio!


Bryson Tabaniag 

-director of freedom by design-

Hiya, I'm a 2nd year arch major as a co-director in Freedom by Design. I like coffee, architecture (of course) + plants. If you also love plants you can find my garden in the 2nd year studio! 


Josephine Briones

-director of freedom by design-

Hi! I'm Jojo & it's my 2nd year as an architecture student at UHM. I move here from California. My concentration is architectural design & I co-direct Freedom by Design in AIAS. if you see me in the halls say hi!


Kenneth Guillen


Aloha! My name is Ken. I grew up in Mililani, Hi. I'm a 2nd year student in the BEnVD program. I'm also the Historian for AIAS. When school's not in session I'm probably eating . . . like a lot. I enjoy fishing and hanging out with my friends and family. Teach me something!


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