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Executive Office


B. Keolamaika'i Annino


Howzit, my name is Keola. I'm an easy-going person who isn't afraid to try something new except mushrooms I can't stand fungus. Family, food, traveling and laughing are all things I enjoy. Whether in the studio, at the beach, or anyplace in between I'm genuinely happy with whatever opportunity comes my way.

Celeste Guarin

-VICE PRESIDENT/president-elect-

Hafa adai! I’m from Guam but I’m full Filipino. My spirit animal is an aardvark and my favorite food is Filipino spaghetti. If you see me around school don’t be afraid to come up and say hi :).


Ivy Tejada


Ambivert, observant, and a coffee enthusiast; hi my name’s Ivy. I find film photography and typography design fascinating. Always hungry to learn but also always hungry for food. Don’t be afraid to say “hi” if you see me around!

Shane Matsunaga


Hi. My name is Shane; NOT Ching, Shand, Shawn, Sean. I’m from the Big Island, a dog whisperer, and am the pun master. I play video games with Ryan Higa, so that makes me famous too. If you want my autograph, lmk.


Board of Directors & Committee Members


Jeanette Julian
-director of events-

I like solving puzzles and going to Breakout rooms. I’m very approachable so please don’t be shy to talk to me when you see me around school!

Hana Fulghum
-director of fundraising-

Film photography and Spotify are my best friends and whenever I see a dog I have to stop for 5 minutes and pet it.

Josephine “jojo” briones
-freedom by design director-

I’m from California. I like being outdoors, especially to hike and surf. My favorite thing about architecture is networking with others!


Kristyn Yamamotoya
-public relations co-director-

Hi! I'm Kristyn! I'm a 5th year architecture student. I'm originally from Kaua'i. I don't do much besides architecture, sleep, read, drink coffee, and watch anime. okay... bye!

Dustin chang
-public relations co-director-

Hi. I’m Dustin. I’m in the first year doctorate program. I enjoy graphic design, basketball, and architecture.

derrick pang
-public relations committee-

Derrick is an awesome aspiring architect and he strives to do everything better than anyone in the history of the future.


Kenneth Guillen
-public relations committee-

Some of the activities that I used to enjoy regularly before architecture school include; fishing, running, and sleeping. One of the gifts that I'm blessed with is being able to catch things before they fall to the floor. I'd say it's a good 90% of the time.

Joel Jamorabon
-Events committee-

My name’s Joel and I’m a second year undergraduate student. I like fried chicken, long walks on the beach and sunsets. Oh and I take pictures :)

Nicole Bowman
-Events committee-

Hello, my name is Nicole! I’m an energetic person who loves everything about the great outdoors, relaxing with friends, and telling dad jokes.


aelyssa macanas-sabado
-events committee-

My name’s Aelyssa and I’m a second year undergraduate student. I'm a day dreamer, a night thinker, and I run on excessive amounts of caffeine.

angeline joven

Loves animals, doesn't like ketchup, and enjoys a good nap! I am fond of sunsets, good conversations, and all-things art, film, and music. Black coffee and sugar-free Redbull are my go-to's for those late nights in studio.

renz carlo laforteza

I am a dude. I prefer female. I love photography and I’m interested in videography. One thing I love about architecture is the design process.


AIAS Hawai’i Chapter Members

Jayson Abeshima

Elias Agbayani

Levi Albano

Kyle Allen

Micah Axalan

Aaron Bankes

Sharla Batocal

Darlyn Chau

Victor Ganoy

Katelyn Hudson

Ah Lam Lee

Moises Lio Can

Shelby Mendes

Coren Metcalf

Danielle Mitchell

Beau Nakamori

Rand Oshiro

Marc Pader

Katherine Pananganan

Derrick Pang

Justin Scott

Penny Su

Aiko Tells

Austin Tse

Daniel Young